MOLD Inspections

Most homes owners don’t know that they’re living with MOLD in their home. It’s always best to have a professional MOLD inspector do a full home inspection using fiberoptics, thermal imaging and air testing for peace of mind to protect your investments and air quality.

If you suspect an area to have MOLD, you should not open this area without a containment tent could contaminate the entire living space. MOLD removal is a specialized service that should be completed by a certified professional MOLD contractor. Our company preserves the integrity of the contaminated area using negative air scrubbers inside airtight containment chambers and clean down chambers to prevent contamination to the rest of the living space while the work is being conducted. Protecting your investment and to provide clean air for you and your family is our primary concern.

For more information regarding MOLD testing and mold inspections, contact Middle Tennessee MOLD Remediation in Franklin, TN today!

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