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Middle Tennessee Mold Remediation Llc
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 68 reviews
by Donna Blaylock on Middle Tennessee Mold Remediation Llc

We had a great experience with this company. If it wasn't for Rob explaining everything in detail and being so knowledgeable we would not have felt comfortable buying our home.We were so happy with their service and commitment. I would not consider using any other company. 5 stars for sure!

by Paula D. on Middle Tennessee Mold Remediation Llc

Rob was great to work with as was his crew. Everything was explained well, and he kept in touch regularly till the job was done. The process was completed within a few hours and the clean-up was great. I would highly recommend this company.

by Frances B on Middle Tennessee Mold Remediation Llc

I knew Rob was an honest person because I had had him check out my home after post-Harvey flooding and he had found no mold. So I hired his company to take care of a mold problem in the basement of my small office building in Berry Hill. Not only did Rob?s crew do a great job, but he found someone for me to install something outside that stopped water from coming into the basement. Both jobs were finished less than a week before we had flash flooding in npinashville and my basement there was dry as a bone and mold free. I was thrilled! The work was also done and a schedule that worked for me and exactly as was promised!

by John R. on Middle Tennessee Mold Remediation Llc

Very pleased with Rob and his commitment to seeing the job completed on time and in accordance with our expectations

by Michaella Z. on Middle Tennessee Mold Remediation Llc

There are no words to communicate what it means to have a company come in and save your home and your family health. Thank you for all you have done. May not be the cheapest business, but you pay for what you get and Rob P***** and his team with Brett overseeing the remediation has done nothing less than save our lives and financial investment. Thank you so very much. Your wife Emily is a rockstar as well, thank you guys.

by Hollis S. on Middle Tennessee Mold Remediation Llc

Did an excellent job. MOLD GONE!!!

by Ellen C. on Middle Tennessee Mold Remediation Llc

Rob has done an excellent job and gave us all the information we need regarding our mold issue, as well as helped us to save on cleaning the mold.

by Anonymous on Middle Tennessee Mold Remediation Llc

Remove mold and crawl space encapsulation

Rob had the job done before schedule and I am pleased that I chose him to care for my home. Very impressed overall.

by Tim M. on Middle Tennessee Mold Remediation Llc

Rob was very professional, prompt and easy to work with.

by Josh P. on Middle Tennessee Mold Remediation Llc

They're the MOST PROFESSIONAL , organized and SINCERE CARING crew I've ever delt with!! I spoke with the owner, i beleive, and he went to any lengths to help me and help me understand all about MOLD ..LOL CRAZY, but I knew nothing and felt i was treated with sincerety and respect. He took time and patience to explaine in "laymens" terms. Being I'm not from around here and mold isn't a common thing on west cost..(way too hot lol) verses other company's whom I talked with , or trird too..they talk down to me like I was incompitant of knowing or learning anything...well i want to say....THANK You "MIDDLE TENNESSEE MOLD REDEMPTION LLC" FOR EVERYTHING YOU GUYS DO.I TRULY CELTas if i was a family member or good friend!! Thank you for that.. YOU saved my life in fammiLY, NEVER KNEW BLACK MOLD. Literaly kills and we wNere close to that point!!! Again THAK YOU!! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS COMMPANY TO ANYONE !ANYWERE ANYTIME! !WITH ANY HOUSING , MOLD. WATER. ECT ANY DAMMAGE..VERY PROFFESSSIONAL. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ SINCERELY, JENNIFER S

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